Cryptocurrency Education, Training and Technical Services Provider.

Providing an easier and safer cryptocurrency experience for you.

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Cryptocurrency Private Technical Support

Solving your cryptocurrency technical problems

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Cryptocurrency Tax Preparation

Assistance in preparation of your Cryptocurrency Profit & Loss Statement

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Providing an easier and safer cryptocurrency experience for you through education, technical advice and support.

Cryptocurrency Technical Support

Private one-on-one cryptocurrency technical support on all cryptocurrency technical issues.

Ledger Nano Education Course

Become crypto confident learning to manage your Ledger with personalised private training with a cryptocurrency technical education specialist.

Trezor Training Course

Master the Trezor through personal guidance and private one-on- one training with a cryptocurrency education specialist.

Cryptocurrency Trading Courses

Learn or improve your trading skills immensely through technical and fundamental analysis and much more.

New to Cryptocurrency Courses

Become crypto confident learning to safely enter the cryptocurrency market and much more.

Crypto Scam Investigation Consultation

Private cryptocurrency scam investigation consultation to identify if you have being scammed.

Learn to manage and grow your own cryptocurrency portfolio to build your wealth.

Aligning Technology With Humanity’s Best Interests

Dedicated to a radical reimagining of finance and technology that operates for the common good of humanity.

  • Value-Centric

    Putting value at the centre of our processes that inspire new behaviours and sustainable services.

  • Narrowing The Gap

    Narrowing the gap between the powerful and the marginalised instead of increasing that gap.

  • Well-Being

    Sensitive to human nature and never exploit innate physiological vulnerabilities.

  • Passion

    Helping to build shared truth and reducing greed and hatred in any way we can.

Private One-On-One Crypto Technology Services

Tailored cryptocurrency education, training, learning and technical support.
Cryptocurrency Technical Support

Receive full cryptocurrency technical support and solutions on any cryptocurrency problem.

Cryptocurrency Trading: Training Courses

Learn and Improve your trading skills by learning cryptocurrency technical analysis and more.

Master the Ledger Nano: Training Course

Become a Ledger Nano X or S expert through personal guidance and training at your pace.

Master the Trezor: Training Course

Become a Trezor T or One expert through personal guidance and training at your pace.

New to Cryptocurrency: Beginners Training Courses

Learn to access and grow your cryptocurrency portfolio safely and with confidence and much more.

Masternodes: Running a Node Training Course

Learn what masternodes are, how a node works, how and why to set up a masternode and what are the best options.

Cryptocurrecy Education, Training and Technical Services Provider.


    Develop your cryptocurrency skills and knowledge to become cryptocurrency confident.


    Easily manage your cryptocurrency wealth with the right support and tools to change your future for the better.


    Find your eager interest for cryptocurrency and create a future worth inheriting.


    Be part of a cohesive community where resources and industry insights lead to real results.


Great work Crypto Connect Global for teaching me how to use my hardware wallet. I am happy to have my cryptocurrency secure and most importantly understand what I am doing now.

I highly recommend Crypto Connect Global to anyone dealing in Cryptocurrency. They are always a pleasure to deal with and are friendly & very knowledgeable in all things Crypto related. Crypto trading can be a mine field, especially with all the tax implications, so it's good to have Crypto Connect Global to liaise with for my peace of mind. Their service is invaluable in my opinion.

As I was new to cryptocurrency, Crypto Connect Global helped me so much with training on the right exchanges, how to trade and take profits. Great service and so friendly.

Thank you for helping me set up my masternodes with virtual private servers. Fantastic service and now I make cryptocurrency without having to do anything. Great job.

Delighted to have found Crypto Connect Global. I learned so much in my new to cryptocurrency training course. Full of knowledge and so helpful.